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General Objective of DAP

The general objectives of DAP are to implement the provisions of the DMDP Structure Plan (SP) and Urban Area Plan (UAP) policies and recommendations. The preparation of DAP is to be based on detailed surveys, studies and analysis of the study area. The DAP process are to be prepared and implemented through community participation to make the planning more people oriented.


Purpose of DAP

The provision of DAP is inherent in the Structure Plan with some specific purposes. These are:
  • Provide basic infrastructure and services in the study are through systematic planning.
  • Create congenial environment to promote economic activities.
  • Improve drainage system of the area and protect flood flow from encroachment.
  • Create service centers to enable urban growth.
Background of the Project

The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) is third and last tier of Development Plan for Dhaka City i.e. Dhaka Metropolitan Development Plan (DMDP). It provides more detailed planning proposals for specific sub-areas compliant with the Structure Plan and the Urban Area Plan.

Objective of the Project

DAP aimed to implement the Structure Plan and the Urban Area Plan policies and recommendations. The specific objectives of DAP are:

  • Data management and dissemination at mouza dag level
  • Providing a program for Multi-sector Investment Plan
  • Providing control for private sector development and clarity and security of investment for inhabitants and investors
  • Providing guideline for development considering the opportunity and constraints
  • Ensure constraints environment
Achievement of DIT/RAJUK


Preparation of master plan & Detailed Area Plan

The first Dacca city master plan for the planned development was prepared in 1950-60 on an area of 320 square miles (820 sq. km) considering plan period of 20 years. But after the independence in 1971 when Dacca was declared capital of Bangladesh, almost all the earlier assumptions of the plan were failed and the city largely started to grow spontaneously. Attempt was made to revise the plan several times but unfortunately it was not materialized.
The second master plan namely 'DHAKA' Metropolitan Development plan (DMDP) 1995-2015 was prepared in 1995 comprising 1528 sq. km (590 sq. mile)with a new approach and perspectives. The Structure Plan , Urban Area Plan and Detailed Area Plan (DAP) that incorporates the various urban strategies, policies and development programmers. It also provides planning, guideline techniques, planning rules and development control procedures.
In the light of DMDP, RAJUK has prepared Detailed Area plan (DAP) within its jurisdiction.

Total area under DAP

DAP area is 1528 sq. km or 590 sq. miles which covers the total RAJUK�s jurisdiction area.

Jurisdiction of DAP Planning Area
  • Gazipur Pourashava to the North
  • Dhaleshawri River to the south
  • Bangshi and Dhaleshawri River to the west
  • Shitalakkhya and Meghna River to the East
Duration of DAP

DAP started in July 2004. The project will be completed by December 2008.


The total DAP area was divided into five groups and a number of small locations. These were awarded to five firms which are DDC, EPC, GBL, Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd and BETS.